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Avengers Assemble #19

written by Kelly Sue DeConnick & Jen Van Meter
art by Barry Kitson, Rick Magyar, Jay Leisten, & Drew Geraci

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Stephanie Brown is finally the Spoiler
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Stephanie Brown is finally the Spoiler

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sensation comics #3 wonder woman really is the best super hero

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favorite characters: Betsy Braddock / Psylocke

"I thought my past had made me hard. As deadly in my own way as Wolverine. But this is how I was BORN. My life merely served to temper and hone the steel that already existed."

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Where are the women? Where are the women who are leading and not just the hot sex symbol in the tight outfits, or the aggressive ones with their sexy action sequences? Where are the ones that are battling with their own identity like Iron Man is? Or trying to make a difference in the forefront? There were a couple of articles that the producer of the Agent Carter one-shot sent me last month about that very question. Journalists were going, ‘Where are these women?’ and, ‘We want them, we actually want them.’ - Hayley Atwell (x)

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Barbara, Tim and Jason in Batman and Robin #34
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Barbara, Tim and Jason in Batman and Robin #34

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Emma Frost in Avengers vs X-men #006

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I had to pee so many times while drawing this!

~6 hrs, photoshop

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Harley Quinn #7